James P. McDonald Week 8

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Discovery Questions from Chapter 4

5. on paper

6. At 1 hour X, Y, and Z are all black because they had ratios at 1. At 3 hours X, Y, and Z are all a dim red each with a ratio between 1.5-4.5x increase. At 5 hours X and Y go back to black because they are both around a ratio of 1. Z stays at a dim red with a 2x increase. At 9 hours X is a dim/medium green with about a 6x decrease, Y is bright green with about a 20x decrease and Z is still a dim red remaining at a 2x increase.

7. All three of the genes were transcribed similarly up to the 3 hour mark. They all started at a ratio of one and had similar increases. After 3 hours X and Y continued to behave similar at the 5 hour mark as they went back to a ratio around 1. At the 9 hour mark both the X and Y ratios decreased but the Y decreased a lot more than X. Gene Z did not behave anything like X and Y after the 3 hour mark.


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