James P. McDonald Week 6

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  1. Select one of these project topics as what you will present next week.
    • The chemostat model we’ve worked out does not predict the oxygen use and carbon dioxide production of Figure 1 B. Develop and analyze a model of the chemostat that includes oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  2. Find at least one reference beyond the two terSchure et al papers that will be helpful to your modeling effort. Discuss in your journal the relevance of the reference.
    • Postma, Erik, et al. "Enzymic Analysis of the Crabtree Effect in Glucose-Limited Chemostat Cultures of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae." Applied and Environmental Biology 55.2 (1989): 468-77. [Biological Paper]
  3. Find a mathematical reference, be it a textbook, a paper, or a website, that is relevant to your project topic. Discuss in your journal the relevance of the reference.
    • Bailey, J.E. "Mathematical Modeling and Analysis in Biochemical Engineering: Past Accomplishments and Future Opportunities." Biotechnology Progress 14.1 (1998): 8-20. [Mathematical Paper]

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