James P. McDonald Week 5

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Exploring Pathway Databases

Saccharomyces Genome Database

  • GDH2 has a homolog in humans. A deficiency of the human homologs, GLUD1 and GLUD2, has been known to cause hyperinsulinism-hyperammonemia syndrome and various neurological disorders.
  • Gene Expression Regulation:
    • GDH1: expression regulated by nitrogen and carbon sources
    • GDH3: expression regulated by nitrogen and carbon sources
    • GDH2: expression sensitive to nitrogen catabolite repression and intracellular ammonia levels
    • GLN1: expression regulated by nitrogen source and amino acid limitation
    • GLT1: expression regulated by nitrogen source
  • There are 56 pathways listed in the database that L-glutamate participates in
  • Pathway:
  • Parameters: The literature contains parameters such as nitrogen feeds, carbon feeds, and conversion rates.


  • KEG Pathway
  • KEGG Pathway edit.jpg
  • This pathway contains a total of 19 enzymes/genes, and there are 12 present in yeast (highlighted).
  • The information provided in KEGG is similar to SGD but KEGG includes 3-D structures of the enzymes and AA and NT sequences.


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