James P. McDonald Week 11

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Biological Terms

  1. Trehalose: "A crystalline disaccharide that is found in various organisms, is about half as sweet as sucrose, and is sometimes used as a sweetener in commercially prepared foods." [[1]]
  2. Batch Culture: "A large-scale closed system culture in which cells are grown in a fixed volume of nutrient culture medium under specific environmental conditions." [[2]]
  3. Transcriptome: "The complete set of RNA transcripts produced by the genome at any one time." [[3]]
  4. Ergosterol: "crystalline steroid alcohol that occurs especially in yeast, molds, and ergot and is converted by ultraviolet irradiation ultimately into vitamin D2" [[4]]
  5. Cryostat: "an apparatus for maintaining a constant low temperature especially below 0°C" [[5]]
  6. Cuvette: "a transparent or translucent box-shaped container with precisely-measured dimensions for holding liquid samples to be put into a spectrophotometer." [[6]]
  7. Desaterase: "Any of several enzymes that putdouble bonds into the hydrocarbon areasof fatty acids." [[7]]
  8. Mannoproteins: "Yeast cell wall components that are proteins with large numbers of mannose groups attached; highly antigenic." [[8]]
  9. Prototrophic: "Strain's that have the same nutritional requirements as the wild-type strain." [[9]]
  10. Supernatant: "The soluble liquid fraction of a sample after centrifugation or precipitation of insoluble solids." [[10]]


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