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Iscb-sc:ISMB 2006

Latest Announcements

  • August 3rd/4:25pm - Shay Zakov will unfortunately not be able to present at the Student Council Symposium due to the current situation in Israel. We have decided to bring forward the begin of the lunch break by 20 minutes. Lunch break will now begin at approximately 12:30 pm. Please have a look at the updated agenda.
  • July 26th/6:38pm - Due to cancellation of Varig flights Nils Gehlenborg will not be able to come to Fortaleza. Victor Weigman and Sarath Chandra Janga will represent the ISCB Student Council at ISMB 2006 and run the Student Council Symposium.

Student Council Activities at ISMB 2006

Sunday, August 6th

  • 8:45 am - 5:30 pm, Room A (2nd floor)
    2nd ISCB Student Council Symposium Homepage
    Philip E. Bourne, Reinhard Schneider and Julio Collado-Vides will present keynotes and give some insight into how to become a successful computational biologist. A poster session and student presentations complement the scientific program. ISCB president Michael Gribskov will deliver the closing remarks.
  • 7:30 pm - open end, Churrascaria Sal e Brasa
    Symposium Dinner and Social Event
    A great chance to get to know each other before ISMB kicks off. Meet fellow students and researchers to find out what people are doing outside your lab. This evening promises plenty of networking opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere.

Monday, August 7th

  • 12:35pm - 2:00pm, Room E2
    Awards Presentation
    We will present the winners of the "Best Poster Award" (sponsored by BMC Bioinformatics) and the "Best Paper Award" (sponsored by Bioinformatics) for the 2nd ISCB Student Council Symposium during the ISCB Open Business Meeting.A brief overview of the Student Council’s mission and activities will be given and there will be the opportunity to meet our representatives. For an in-depth discussion meet us on Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 8th

Wednesday, August 9th

Thursday, August 10th