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== News ==
== News ==
'''Call for new volunteers:''' <br>
'''Call for new volunteers:''' <br>
Message from [[user:sanneabeln|Sanne Abeln]]: [[ISCB-SC:setting up regional groups|setting up regional groups]]  <br>
Message from [[Sanne Abeln]]: [[ISCB-SC:setting up regional groups|setting up regional groups]]  <br>
Message from [[user:johncumbers|John Cumbers]]: [[ISCB-SC:Helping with the new wiki|Helping with the new wiki]]
Message from [[John Cumbers]]: [[ISCB-SC:Helping with the new wiki|Helping with the new wiki]]
== Our Mission ==
== Our Mission ==

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Call for new volunteers:
Message from Sanne Abeln: setting up regional groups
Message from John Cumbers: Helping with the new wiki

Our Mission

To become the most dynamic and international network of young researchers in the broader disciplines of the field of Computational Biology. The Student Council (SC) continually thrives to provide opportunities for networking, career enhancement and skills development for those who aspire to become the next generation of Computational Biology Leaders.

If you are a new bird in the field, let me say that the SC is a platform which will open your career horizons, you will network with some of the brightest and most highly motivated students world wide, meet with some of top high-impact-factor researchers, and give a touch of distinction to your career development strategy!

Elected Roles


The SC Chair is someone who is able to inspire a shared vision, envisioning the future and sets goals to achieve the desired results. The SC leader ensures all members know the SC goals and are contributing to their achievement. S/he makes sure that the subcommittees are functioning well, experiments and takes risks by implementing innovative programs.

Vice Chair

Acts as a represenative of the Chair and achieves day to day control of the subcommittees. S/he possesses a strong discipline/communication with subcommitee chairs and carries out structured updates of subcommittee heads through monthly meetings. the Vice Chair also informs Chairs of their responsability.


The secreary understands the fundamental technique of completing minutes, being concise without omitting important information. S/he must take a physical roll at every teleconference or any other meeting and knowing the % of attendance for for organising voting motions/proceadures. S/he is responsible for maintaining an accurate active SC-Leaders list.

Representative to Board of Directors (must be elected)

The BoD Rep communicates he SC's activities to the BoD and provides written achievements via email of the SC progress. The BoD Rep is also the person who speaks to the BoD on behalf of the SC and participates of all BoD teleconferences.

How to be part of the premier network in the field?

As always, we are also looking for new driven, highly motivated, ambitious students who aspire one day to become an SC Leader, or even the SC Chair. Parthi, our current chair joined the SC leadership last year, so time spent here is not a constraint to become a leader. And of course, please tell your student friends if you think they might be highly motivated to participate in the SC!

If you want to hear more about our current opportunities, or simply have fresh ideas that you would like us to work on, do not hesitate, just send an email now to manuel.corpas@gmail.com and we will attend your enquiry with pleasure. We sincerely wish you a year full of exciting discovery and scientific accomplishment, and I hope to meet you personally at any of the events the SC is organising during 2006.

The Student Council Leadership Team