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Méthodologie statistique et épidémiologie génétique des maladies multifactorielles

Inserm U794

The main objective of Inserm U794 research programme is to identify genes and gene-environment interactions involved in diseases. This programme includes three main components:

  • Population genetics studies to contribute to gene identification in human diseases and to appreciate the genetic differences between populations.
  • Genetic epidemiology studies of multifactorial diseases (cancers, allergic diseases, neuron-psychiatric disorders) to identify genes and gene-environment interactions underlying these conditions. These studies are conducted in a multidisciplinary setting and are linked to international consortia. They will involve large scale genome-wide association studies and will incorporate data from other "omic" approaches (gene expression studies, proteomic studies, biomarkers).
  • Development of statistical methodologies and bioinformatics tools to make the best use of the massive amount of data generated and to allow integrating various sources of information to progress in the understanding of the complex mechanisms involved.

Labs members


  • Florence Demenais (Director)
  • Simone Benhamou
  • Emmanuelle Génin
  • Emmanuelle Bouzigon
  • Valérie Chaudru

PhD Students

  • Hugues Aschard
  • Eve Maubec
  • Stéfan Michiels
  • Rémi Kazma


U794 Fondation Jean Dausset Bat IGM, 4ème étage 27, rue Juliette Dodu 75010 Paris