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Institute of Biological Engineering Communities

What is an IBE Community?

A Community is a group of IBE members who have interest in a common subject area that is a subset of the Institute.

What is the purpose of the IBE Communities?

The purpose of a Community is to provide input on IBE programs, including annual meeting sessions, professional development programs, and webinars; provide nominations for awards and committees; and provide input to the Executive Committee and Councilors.

List of Communities currently established in IBE:

  • Ecological Engineering (Chair: Prem Parajuli, co-Chair: Joel Paz)
  • Biomedical Engineering and Biosensors (Chair: Mark Haidekker, co-Chair: Angela Pannier)
  • Biomaterials and BioNano (Chair: Jeong-Yeol Yang)
  • Biology Systems Engineering (Chair: Caleb Carr, co-Chairs: Cody Tramp, Alyssa Henning, Paul Lichtman, Sean Kearney)
  • IBE Design and Education (Chair: Abby Kelly)