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==Required items==
==Required items==
The following to be ordered by Louise
The following to be ordered by Louise
BlpI - New England Biolabs
R0585S 500 units  10,000 units/ml  £51.00
==Wish List==
==Wish List==

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Required items

The following to be ordered by Louise

BlpI - New England Biolabs R0585S 500 units 10,000 units/ml £51.00

Wish List

Ordered items

Tues 12th August

  • Promega BamH1 restriction enzyme
  • Fisher 5ml pipette tips

Thurs 7th August

  • Jencons Jenway pH Meter expected end of August

Fri 1st August 2008

  • 100pk 0.22um 25mm filter membranes

Weds 23rd July 2008

  • BioRad Precision Plus Protein Kaleidoscope standards x3 - Did these arrive yet?????

Items arrived

Date unknown

  • Bugbuster - ===arrived?===
  • Benzonase (from Novagen as well as bugbuster) ===arrived?===
  • Glucose (if we don't have some but I don't think we do) ===arrived?===
  • Fisher kilobase marker x2 one in stock one to follow
  • Fisher 25-500bp marker x2
  • Fisher Invitrogen Kanamycin sulphate 25g
  • NdeI and NaeI (Promega R7131 and R6801)
  • Merck dodecyl maltoside 25g

Mon 11th August 2008

  • Lyreco 10x Arch files for Louise's office R78
  • Whiteboard markers 1 x 4pk
  • Whiteboard cleaning and accessory kit
  • A4 ruled manuscript books x5

Fri 8th August 2008

  • Fisher by requisition fume hood and cabinet
  • items ordered Weds 6th August
  • Fisher Sodium Acetate 500g
  • 10ml syringes
  • 30ml Syringes
  • Paper rolls for lab
  • Fisher 25g Arabinose
  • 10pk 500ml Durans
  • 10pk 1L Durans
  • 10pk 250ml Durans
  • 5x 1ml Histrap Ni columns
  • ordered weds 30th July 2008 25g dodecyl maltoside (DM)
  • Weds 9th July 2008 arrived Heraeus Megafuge 11R, 230V Ex-Demo unit s/n 306090617 Delivery expected 11/08/08
  • T41 Swing out rotor
  • Set of 4 buckets for T41 rotor
  • Sealing lids for T40 buckets
  • Insert, 1 x 280ml (64 x 113mm)
  • Insert, 2 x 50ml (29 x 114mm)
  • Delivery BM sited
  • NH1/070 Custom underneath trolley delivery expected 31/08/08

Fri 1st August

  • GE Healthcare XK16/20 column x1
  • GE Healthcare 16/20 tube x1
  • NEB T4 DNA ligase x1
  • NEB Vent Polymerase x1