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Find a Roommate

This could be a good place to find somebody to share a room with if you are going to the Rocky '07. This is an official conference of the International Society for Computational Biology

You first need to sign in for an account to OpenWetWare to be able to post.

Just post your gender, price range, arrival and departure dates and how you'd like to be contacted. If you know of a good hotel you may post this information here as well.


Please do not post in the ISCB Student Council Forum!

Sonia Pahwa

Gender: Female
Price range: Maximun 45 Euros per night
20th july to 25 july

Anshu Bhardwaj

Gender: Female
Dates: July 21st to July 25th
Price: max. 50 Euro per night
Contact: (only females please)
(Atlas - The centre is within walking distance (5-10 mins). OR
Academia Saisonhotel - 6-8 minutes' walk.
These two Hotels listed on ISMB/ECCB 2007 website.
Open to suggestions)

Rajib Saha

Gender: male
Dates: July 21th to July 25th
Price: max. 50 Euro per night
(Any suitable hotel or dorm should be okay.)

Sarath Chandra Janga

Gender: male
Dates: July 20th to July 26th but any days in between would be fine
Price: max. 60 Euro per night
Contact: sarath at
(I dont have any proposals as yet but i am ready to hear any suggestions...)

Alexandr Goncearenco

Gender: male
Dates: July 18th (checkin) to July 25th (checkout)
Price: max. 50 Euro per night
(any suggestions are welcome)