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Local affiliated Organistaion

Call for Local/ National Groups in Computational Biology

  • The ISCB Student Council is the student organisation of the

International Society for Computational Biology. ISCB is the major global organisation for computational biologists which for example organises the largest conference in computational biology, ISMB, on a yearly basis.

  • The Student Council has been created in 2004, to organise events for

students and young researchers. It also represents the students voice on the board of directors for ISCB. Some highlights of previous events include talks on "How to write a paper", "A career in Bioinformatics" and discussion sessions with senior scientists on ISMB 2005. The Student Council organised the first International Student Symposium in Computational Biology, on ECCB 2005. We also organise events which encourages interactions between students and future employers (see

  • We have noticed that students are especially keen to organise events

at a local level. In order to create more such opportunities the Student Council is currently setting up a framework to encourage interactions between students, companies and academia. We can aid the organisation of local events by providing information, advertisement, reviewers, and contacts with senior academics and businesses.

  • The student council also seeks ties with related organisations, in

order to exchange information about events and opportunities for students. We have a regular newsletter to inform our members of current events, representation on the major conferences in Computational biology (ISMB, ECCB,RECOMB) and a website ( to inform students.

  • In the longer run we also seek to combine efforts on matching students

with employers and organisation of conferences. Sharing expertise on web technology, teleconferencing and business relations could also prove to be a valuable for both parties. To start, we would like to increase awareness of each others organisations, events and opportunities for students through means of representation on conferences, advertisement in new letters and links on websites.

Rules and Guidelines

  • The local affiliated group should appoint a member of its organisation to become a representative to the ISCB-SC.
  • This representative shuld become a member of ISCB-SC and will be the first line of contact.
  • In return the representative will be put be part of the scleaders group, designed to steer the ISCB-SC/