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Home Appliance

  • Change electric stove to just stove
  • Hot water heater
    • Asked whether it was the small convection oven or the larger one
    • Didn't know if the household one was electric


Q253 Rank

  • Thought it was funny that there were only two pictures
  • Indoor lights could mean multiple lights
    • would rank it differently if it was just asking about one

Q Electricity cost/use

  • Understood that greater demand means more expensive to provide
  • Considers when people would be home and using appliances
  • Understood that the cost/use questions were related

Q Power rating

  • if it was user friendly, it might be more inviting for people to try to understand
    • User friendly meaning that the average household user could understand, right now it's too technical
  • Not sure whether to divide or multiple
  • Adding would be a step-wise increase, which would be odd

Q Energy Saving Ranking

  • Thought that the scale was reversed from the other ranking question
    • Appliance ranking 1 the most use to 10 the least use
    • Energy saving action ranking 1 the most energy saving to 7 the least saving
  • Night light could be something on your desk or a small light plugged into the wall
  • Freezer + washer are isolated appliances which means you might save less because they're used intermittently

Smith's House

  • Thought that the scenario was based on the appliances displayed
  • Doesn't relly get that you're supposed to learn about how much each appliance uses
  • I think passive learning gives you a sense that you need to know the answers because the answers repeat again, so it makes you focus on them more so than just being presented with the simulation. I think people have a hard time tying the simulation back to the ranking questions and other questions asked before.

Simulation kWh by appliance

  • Took only 5 minutes
    • Felt pressured by the fact I was watching her
    • Felt the lab environment prevented her from exploring
    • Thought that if she took the survey at home she'd take more time to learn about each appliance
    • Thought that if it was an app on her computer she'd spend even more time learning
  1. Imagined how much energy was used if things were run for X number of hours
  2. Then ran the appliances for an hour each to see how much they used
    1. Only for water heater and AC
    2. Adjusted temperature
    3. Washer and dryer
    4. Only tested four appliances
  • Thinks if price or $ was included it could make it easier to understand

Post Test

Q Rank

  • Changed answers based on simulation
    • Only for freezer and how water heater
  • Only then realized that she should have studied the simulation more

Q Price of electricity

  • New guess based on info on Smith's intro page
  • Used the $150 as an achor

Evaluation Phase

Q General suggestions

  • Said it would be cool to see the changes from the old and new answers (pre & post tests)
  • Changing through arrows was archaic considering technology today
  • Pie chart of usage from the simulation or a visualization

Q Feedback Info

  • Remake question because alignment is all messed up

Q Helpfulness

  • Stringent to use arrows
  • Not integrated into the house
    • Active participation is required
    • A lot like a piece of paper with unit conversions
    • Conscious decisions to find out usage patterns
  • Nutrition program

Q Reduction

  • 6-10% reduction average
  • 12% reduction max
  • Can't completely control everyone else's usage, so it was hard to determine how much can be actually reduced

Q Display Type

  • Understood instantaneous cost as cost then "cost/min" or "cost/sec"
  • Thinks that total bill & instantaneous cost
    • both important to plan budget
  • Would be more inclined to use it if the sim looked better or "colorful"

Hypothesis: create a theoretical system to help people see how much electricity they were using