IGEM:Virginia/2012/Notebook/Genetically engineered bacteriophage for diagnosis of whooping cough/2012/06/11

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(6/11 – 6-16)

Pipetted RB50 with plasmid and RB50 without plasmid on kanamycin plates and left them for incubation.
• We set up PCR for luciferase.
• Tried chemical transformation on RB50 with plasmid and without plasmid as well as DH5-alpha (as a positive control). We planned to transform with kanamycin resistance plasmid.
• Imaged gel from PCR of Luciferase/Kanamycin plasmids. It was successful.
• Used Qiagen PCR purification kit to clean up amplicons.
• Results of transformation: DH5-alpha grew. RB50 with and without plasmid, however, did not grow.
• Looking for ways to electroporate the DNA into the cells.