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Things to accomplish

  1. Finalize cellulase biobrick (Kevin & George)
  2. Research GCMS methods (Kevin & George)
  3. Finish July 26th presentation (Amy)
  4. Develop website (Ranjan)
  5. Continue research on interfacing with E. coli natural metabolism (Kevin)
  6. Look into buying E. coli K-12 (Kevin)
  7. Further investigation of butanol tolerance genes (George)

Things accomplished

  1. Order plane tickets
  2. Order initial segment of butanol project
  3. Design inducible biobrick for butanol production (Ranjan & Amy)
  4. Research GC columns (Kevin)
  5. Construct experimental tree (Emre)
  6. Email forms to synthesis companies (George)
  7. Contact Engineering School development office about webspace (George
  8. Update iGEM wiki (George)
  9. Set up next group meeting (George)
  10. Find out if we can get access to a GCMS in Dr. Davis' lab (George)
  11. Set up meeting with Dr. Papin (George)