IGEM:University of East Anglia (UEA), Norwich, UK/2009/Notebook/NRP-UEA-Norwich iGEM/2013/09/06

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Floor One

2x 1% Agarose gels made, one 100ml and one 60ml. Loaded the 16S sequenced PCRs in the 100ml gel with a 1Kb+ ladder, and run at 110mV for 50 mintues.

Loaded the GUS PCR in the 60ml gel, and run for 50 minutes at 110mV.

4x 500ml SFM made.

Both gels ran and showed enough product to gel extract.

Floor Two

The biobrick K1041000 was compared to Bba_J04450 by performing a restriction digest of both with NdeI and EcoRI+PstI and running the samples on an Agarose gel.

Analysis of Restriction enzyme digest. Lane 1-3 contains uncut K1041000, K1041000 digested with NdeI then EcoRI and PstI Respectively. Lanes 4-6 contains uncut J04450. J04450 digested with NdeI then EcoRI and PstI respectively.