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Floor Two

We discovered after analysing the sequencing data from 18/07 that sample 3a had the correct sequence for biobrick BBa_K0141000 but sample 3b did not. This explained why sample 3b2, which was a miniprep from 3b, had extra NdeI sites. To confirm our theory, samples 3a, 3b, 3c and the original BBa_J04450 were cut with restriction enzyme pvuII and analysed by gel electrophoresis.

Fig.2:Analysis of Restriction enzyme digest with PvuII. Lanes 2 and 3 contain uncut BBa_J04450 and BBa_J04450 digested with PvuII respectively. Lanes 5-7 contain samples 3a,3b and 3c digested with PvuII respectively.

The results show that sample 3b does appear to have extra DNA as the lowest band is largest than the ones for 3b and cut BBa_J04450. So the excised gel from the previous day was ignored.


The registration for the jamboree was completed for the team.