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Floor 1

Streaked lawns of single Streptomyces colonies that appeared to be sporulating and had large clear single colonies.

Re-streaked contaminated single Streptomyces colony plates.

Streaked from the plates in the conjugated Steptomyces trial that had grown on the kanamycin plates (?).

Floor 2

Restriction digest reactions were performed on the original J04450 original plasmid and the J04450-Nde1 bio brick using (i) EcoR1 and Pst1 and (ii) Nde1 and Xba1. After incubation samples were run on agarose gel fig 1. Transformation was done on the AntgP-Neo biobrick (ligated samples 2b and 2c). Also, colonies 1 and 2 (used in colony PCR) from samples 1 and 2 were inoculated and grown overnight.

Fig 1:Restriction digest of J04450 original plasmid (lanes 1 and 3) and J04450-Nde1 biobrick (lanes 2 and 4) using i) EcoR1 and Pst1 and (ii) Nde1 and Xba1.