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Floor Two

As the western blot from the previous day was unsuccessful, the protein analysis took a different path. The soluble protein fractions were purified using a His Mag solution to select the His Tagged AntA σ factor. These samples were ran on a 15% SDS PAGE along side the unpurified soluble fractions for 1 hour 25 minutes and stained with instant blue dye.


Have been in contact with local Defra rep about obtaining a soil licence. Gathered all the correct forms and have handed them over to Matt Hutchings.

I have had to put some sediment requests to the US on hold until the licence application is underway.

A date has been set for the Forum Event (28th August). Have been designing the advert + discussing what we will do for the event. Also we have identified local printing companies for posters/maps.

Also, I have arranged a meeting with Anne Osbourne at the JIC to open a discussion about how iGEM parts can be realistically integrated into real research projects. We are interested to see if our tool-based design could offer a realistic basis for real synthetic biology use in professional research institutions. Perhaps our project is more realistic than other iGEM projects. Will need to devise some questions for Anne before next Tuesday. Does this count as Outreach?? Still interesting if not.

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