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Floor 2

Another two SDS-PAGE's were prepared, each with 12% Polyacrylamide to give a better definition between the bands on the gel. One was stained with instant blue and the other was to be used in further analysis using the western blot technique. The gel was run, on a nitrocellulose membrane, for 1 and a half hours at 55mA using western blot electrophoresis. It was then left on a shaker at 4°C overnight in 10mL blocking solution.


A Forum date for Wednesday the 28th August has been set. All Saturdays were booked right until the end of the year! Booking forms will have to be filled in.

As part of the event we will put together a general iGEM leaflet, which we will also propose to other UK teams to be a part of the 'Outreach database' discussed in earlier posts.

We are in the process of finding out the UEA FedX account number so that the postage costs for soil/sediment samples can be covered.