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Floor Two

Further digestion reactions were performed on the samples from last week as well as controls (original DNA) with Nde1 or Xba1 as well as EcoR1 & Pst1.

(We were not supposed to use EcoR1 but there was no enough Xba1).

After incubation samples were run on a gel to analyse them.

Floor One


Carried on e-mailing iGEm teams , but now focused on sediment after communications with Lab on floor 1.

Ben Thompson arrangements.

E-mailed iGEM contact (Nitwa ..) about the idea of an outreach registry, so that teams who are organizing a public engagement event (i.e. Forum) could have a infomrational resource pool to draw from, instead of starting from scrach each time.

Will follow up iGEM (Westminster) as they have a simliar project and may be interested in such a resource and collaborating in its construction.

Organized a meeting with Anne Osbourne (JIC) who spoke at this years SB6.0 SynBio conference. This is related to projects leading on from/inspired by iGEM and will focus on how iGEM bricks can be used in real research.