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Outreach activity.

Today we spoke to Marion Catlin who is a senior events organizer at the Forum.

“The Forum is one of the most successful Millennium Projects in the UK. It opened in November 2001 and has become an iconic landmark and meeting place in the historic centre of Norwich.”

“Every day thousands of people come through the front doors to use the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library - the most popular public library in the UK. Many others come to the Forum to enjoy the free exhibitions and events in the huge Atrium, in the Forum's Digital Gallery or on Millennium Plain, at the front of the building.”

The rough plan so far is to put on an all day event on a Saturday late in August. The event will have presentations and discussions involving synthetic biology in general and the team’s specific project.

We could advertise the event through an outreach activity which will see locals collecting and sending soil samples to the team. We could do a follow up talk about this at the Forum event.