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*Weronika Prusisz
*Weronika Prusisz
*[[User:Marcin Piechocki | Marcin Piechocki]]
*[[User:Marcin Piechocki | Marcin Piechocki]]
*[[User:Keton | Michał Lower ]]
*[[User:Michael Lower | Michał Lower ]]
== Project Supervisor ==
== Project Supervisor ==

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UWTeamlogo.jpgUniversity of Warsaw IGEM 2008 page

Welcome to University of Warsaw IGEM group page for year 2008

Our Sponsors

Oligoligo.gif DNA Sequencing and Synthyesis

WBlogo.jpg Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw

Team Members

Project Supervisor

  • prof. Jacek Bielecki

Our Goal

Our project goal is to create biological machine producing specific antibodies against selected antigen.

Our Lab Calendar and Notebook


<calendar> name=iGEM:UW/2008 date=2008/03/22 view=threemonths format=%name/%year-%month-%day weekstart=7 </calendar>