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(Faculty Advisors)
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*[http://www.ucsf.edu/limlab/ Wendell Lim]
*[http://www.ucsf.edu/limlab/ Wendell Lim]
*Hana El samad
*Hana El samad
*[http://kortemmelab.ucsf.edu/ Tanja Kortemme]

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The University of California at San Francisco 2007 iGEM Team

Team Members

Student and Postdoc Advisors

  • Ala Trusina
  • Andrew Horwitz
  • Caleb Bashor
  • David Pincus
  • Matt Eames
  • Noah Helman
  • Reid Williams
  • Ryan Ritterson
  • Sergio Peisajovich
  • Wendell Lim

Faculty Advisors


The Plan

The iGEM team will be composed High school and undergraduates. To have an effective effort over this short time (8-10 weeks) our strategy will be to focus the first half of the program on a well-scripted didactic and teaching lab program, while the second half of the program will focus on independent generation and implementation of novel and creative ideas. Thus the summer program will have three major components.