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Welcome to the TU Delft team wiki for iGEM 2008. More information about the team and our project will become available soon.
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At the moment all our information can be found on the [http://2008.igem.org/Team:TUDelft iGEM wiki].
==Team Members==
*[[Bastiaan Van Den Berg]]
==Grad Mentors==
*[[TODO ]]
== How to use the Wiki and create pages ==
When you make the links for the wiki pages, please follow this example:
'''<nowiki>[[/Link_to_page | Name of Page]]</nowiki>'''
This appears as:
[[/Link_to_page | Name of Page]]
An actual link would look like this in wiki code:
'''<nowiki>[[/Fluorescence_Complementation | Team 1: Fluorescence Complementation]]</nowiki>'''
Here's what this turns into:
[[/Team_1:_Fluorescence_Complementation | Team 1: Fluorescence Complementation]]
How to add Links:
This appears as
== Quick help with the Wiki ==
Capitalization counts
iGEM:Brown/2007/MyPage isn't the same as iGEM:Brown/2007/Mypage
[[Help:Deleting_pages | Deleting Pages]]
[[Help:Renaming_pages | Renaming Pages]]

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At the moment all our information can be found on the iGEM wiki.