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(Daily Work)
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==Weekly Goals==
==Weekly Goals==

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Daily Work


  • Ligate, transform, colony PCR...


  • Wet-Lab
    • Looks like success for some first rounds of cloning!!!
      • Now we have to do colony PCR to check....
      • Ligation for 1b
    • Tonight
      • restreaking
      • Liquid culture for stuff we are running low on (SoxR, BLH, etc)
Results from 1a cloning
Results from 1c cloning
Results from 1d cloning

  • Dry-Lab
    • [what projects occurred today?]
    • [what were the results?]


  • [what problems occurred? frustrations?]

Alternative Solutions

  • [solutions to the problems/future ideas]


  • Graduate Student Board Meeting at 9am
    • Feedback
      • Better Intro
      • Change the first slide, it is scary. We could put into in other parts of the powerpoint
      • Too much text on the second slide
      • Visual of differentiation of T-cells
      • The Movie
        • exaggerate T-cell populations
        • possibly show a graph
        • Take out what you are not using... Is it necessary?
        • More contrast between before and after the implantation of the device
        • Take out the green dots
      • Think more about the purpose of our projest
        • How is it different from pre-existing medicine
      • Explain the location and environment/ symptoms of IBD
      • Naming= "NO sensor" "Trp sensor" explain RA- be VERY clear and simple
      • How is the device used to treat the disease? Why E. coli? What are the results?
        • Why is this a good solution? - greater context of what you are doing and AWESOMENESS!
        • Sell it!
      • The device level diagram slide
        • Divide into two different slides
        • Reduce the amount of details
    • Things to think about
      • How many background do we need to give? Background vs. Specifics in Final Presentation
      • How many people does this disease effect?
      • Talk more about the consequences of implanting the device
      • Keep all information simple, imagine your audience as really really lazy people
      • Impress your audience vs. communication
      • vBOL--talk more about what it is and what it could be used for
    • Slideshow general
      • 3 concepts per slide
      • Show the results, not the process
      • Inroduce vBOL symbols from the start and then use them throughout the presentation
    • Problems that we have been having
      • A biobrick standard that doesn't use Pst1 because the presence of restriction sites in gene sequence (Trp operon) that we can't mutate
      • Assign grad students for assay design
      • Trp operon--Meeting with Yanofsky


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Weekly Goals

  • [enter the team's weekly goals]