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Meeting Info

  • When: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 from 7:30 to 9
  • Where: Y2E2 105
  • Leaders: Robert
  • Secretary: Robert


7:30-7:40: Quick announcements
7:40-8:50: Narrow down our project topics to two. This will be decided upon a few anonymous ballots to narrow down the selection followed by a discussion. Some things to consider: Is it simple? Is it possible in 10 weeks? Can it be divided up into smaller sub projects? If one part fails, can we still achieve success?
8:50-9:00: Finish up and make sure everyone has a grant proposal!

For grant proposals, you should be ready to meet the following:
2/17 - First draft (Tuesday)
2/19 - Second draft (Thursday)
2/21 - Submit all 9 grants to Nghi & Thinh (Saturday)
2/23 - Deadline to submit to Stanford (Monday)

Do your best to attend this meeting. We will be narrowing down our project to two, and it would be best to have everyones opinion on our project. Also, if you are going to be late, or cannot attend, please let me know in advance.


Meeting Notes