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==Next Meeting==
==Next Meeting==
==Previous Meetings==
==Previous Meetings==

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Sign up sheet

Proposed Structure(?)

Add your ideas of how the meetings should be structured here:

  1. Meeting leader rotates every week.
  2. Meeting secretary rotates every week.
  3. Each meeting will get its own wiki page.
  4. Before the meeting:
    1. Meeting leader responsible for monitoring Brainstorming pages to find topics that may need further exploration/explanation
    2. Once topics identified, someone (voluntarily or by appointment) is chosen to give a short presentation on topic to teach everyone
    3. Presenter posts on meeting page: (1) how much time they will need to for presentation to help in meeting planning and (2) the presentation, at least a day ahead of meeting
    4. Meeting leader creates an agenda for meeting and posts to meeting page
  5. During the meeting
    1. Secretary takes notes directly on meeting page

See 1/14/09 meeting page for an example.

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Previous Meetings