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Purdue iGEM Page through the registry : [http://2008.igem.org/Team:Purdue]
Purdue iGEM Page through the registry : [http://2008.igem.org/Team:Purdue]
==Team Members==
President : Craig Barcus
Treasurer : Janie Stine
[[IGEM:Purdue/2008/References and Tools]]
Secretary : Erin Rosswurm
We are currently working on developing new projects to do.  Right now we have 3 "pet projects"
1. Bacterial Warfare : Continuing on the old project.  Have to start over, so need to do literature research all over.
2. "Dancing" Bacteria : Creating bacteria that will fluoresce when hit with a certain wavelength of light, and varying the wavelength of light to cause the bacteria to "dance"
3. Engineering Bacteria to create colored proteins to be used as an alternate food coloring.
This list will be updated as time goes on.
''We are also affiliated with the Institute of Biological Engineering, IBE.  You can visit their website to learn more. [http://www.ibe.org]''
==Data & Progress==
[[IGEM:Purdue/2008/Notebook/Spoiled Milk | LAB NOTEBOOK]]
==Links to Outside Sources that may be useful==
IBE Student Chapter Wiki, [http://openwetware.org/wiki/IBE_Student_Chapters]'''
A general overview of milk and how factors affect its lifespan and production, [http://www.ilri.org/InfoServ/Webpub/Fulldocs/ILCA_Manual4/Toc.htm#TopOfPage].'''
Go through Purdue Libraries [http://www.lib.purdue.edu/] to get to the research databases.  I prefer Web of Science.
Wiley Protocols in Molecular Biology.  Link will only work on Purdue Recognized Computers. [http://www.mrw.interscience.wiley.com/emrw/9780471142720/cp/cpmb/toc]
University of Guelph Overview of Milk:  [http://www.foodsci.uoguelph.ca/dairyedu/home.html].
'''''Literature Articles that may be of use'''''
Investigations into the activity of enzymes produced by spoilage-causing bacteria: a possible basis for improved shelf-life estimation:  Braun et al.  ''Food Microbiology''.  v.16  Pgs. 531-540. 1999.
Microbial and biochemical spoilage of foods: An overview.  intVeld, JHJH.  ''International Journal of Food Microbiology''.  v.33 Pgs. 1-18.  1996.

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Purdue iGEM Page through the registry : [1]



IGEM:Purdue/2008/References and Tools