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Browsing all the available projects from the past years is becoming a big task. A categorized list of the projects will hopefully provide a better overview making this task easier. This is just a start-up, so please add projects and categories to complete this list.

Health & Medicine

  • A synthetic biology approach against HIV - Ljubljana 2007
  • Cost-effective red blood cell substitute constructed from engineered E. coli bacteria - Berkley UC 2007
  • Targeting a specific subset of cells with a virus, based on (m?)RNA or protein expression profiles - Caltech 2007
  • Repairing damaged heart cells by integrating healthy ES-cell-like cells that are autonomously differentiated towards cardiomyocites into the heart - Bay Area RSI 2007


Environment - sensing or remediation

Information processing

Foundational research

  • Explore artificial transcription factor (ATF), a trans-regulatory element, for controlling genes - Wisconsin 2007
  • Using a protein scaffold to rewire a MAP kinase signalling pathway - UCSF 2007 (project 1)
  • Building a new organelle for synthetic biology - UCSF 2007 (project 2)
  • Directed evolution by error-prone PCR and screening methods - Boston University 2007
  • Marimo-ish gathering of bacteria - Chiba
  • Engineering fruit fly behavior by remote activation of neurons involved in reward and punishment - CSHL
  • Transport specific metal ions from a specific location to another on the surface of engineered bacterial cells - Turkey 2007 (project 3)
  • Simulate the competition between two different warrior cell types - Turkey 2007 (project 2)
  • Model the dynamics of the spread of an epidemic within a population - Virginia_Tech 2007