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<head><script language="JavaScript">
// This script was written by Kurt A>
// I only ask that you leave this plug to my page if you use the script.
// It worked for me, If it works for anyone else ----- I can't say.
// It times the user for a page and gives a response dependant on the
// duration of the visit to the page.
// It doesn't work well with the #links because anytime a back button
//is hit the script will envoke itself.
var STS = 0;
var ETS = 0;
var TIMON = 0;
function getStime() {
// optional audio welcome
// location = "welcome.au";
now = new Date();
STS = (now.getTime());
// optional.
// changes the window status bar at bottom of page return true must remain
window.status = "I hope you enjoy"; return true ;
function figure() {
// code to get seconds from logon to logoff
postnow = new Date();
ETS = (postnow.getTime());
TIMEON = ((ETS - STS) / 1000);
// if less than 60 seconds
if (TIMEON < 60) {
// open an alert box and plead with user
alert ( TIMEON + " Seconds, Give it a chance");
// open a new window to play an audio plea.
win = window.open ("under.au","newwin");
else {
alert (TIMEON + "Thanks for reading");
return true;
<body onload="getStime()" ; onUnload="figure()" ; TEXT="#000040" LINK="#268999" VLINK="#FF0000" ALINK="#FFFF00">

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Noah Johnson


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