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June 20th, 2007: 9:45-5:00

  • Troubleshooting experiments
    • bizarre negative control on enzyme assays suggest that some restriction occured
    • all transformations failed
      • Single unifying trait of expirements: amp
  • Laboratory management
    • Set up anhydrous containers for 100% ethanol and kanamycin
    • Need to buy agarose for Dr.Richard's lab
    • Began processing of switching to SYBR green instead of ethidium bromide
      • SYBR is less mutagenic, may have better results, and would use dual purpose (GFP) filter
      • Real time visualization
      • No UV, less damage to DNA and safre to use
      • Pre stain, less toxic, .3 cents per sample
  • Lambda project
    • Looked for part avaliability, explored lambda genome