IGEM:PennState/2007/Microcentrifuge tube lists

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Each member will have their own microcentrifuge tube list, and box EX:

  1. B0030 + J09271; Ligated 4-27-07 from LW-0031 and LW-0025; Transformed 4-28-07 LW-0049; In -4C Box LW1
  2. B0031 + J09271; Ligated 4-27-07 from LW-0030 and LW-0025; Transformed 4-29-07 LW-0049; In -4C Box LW1
  • Each time we submit a part, lets a link to that page on parts.mit.edu, and give a small discription of it there. We will get into more detail about parts characterization later.