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**[[User:LI_YIJIE | LI YIJIE]]
**[[User:LI_YIJIE | LI YIJIE]]
**[[User:Yang_Xiao| Yang Xiao]]
**[[User:Yang_Xiao| Yang Xiao]]
**[[User:Xing_Jiqian | Xing Jiqian]]
**[[User:Jiqian_Xing | Xing Jiqian]]
**[[User:Huang_Qiushi | Huang Qiushi]]
**[[User:Huang_Qiushi | Huang Qiushi]]
**[[User:Wenjun_Shao | Shao Wenjun]]
**[[User:Wenjun_Shao | Shao Wenjun]]

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Today is 10-23-2017

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  • iGEM stands for International Genetically Engineered Machines.
  • The annual iGEM competition held in MIT attrcts hundreds of teams from all over the world.
  • The aim is to design and build an engineered biological system using biobricks.
  • Check out Team2007 of PKU
  • More on iGEM home page

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