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organize double promoter

we have already got 9 promoters with prove of sequencing: 2 Rec, 1 lac, 3 SS1, 2 SS2, 2 SS3, 4 SD2, 1 SD3, 2 RD1 and 1 RS3 we still need 8 kinds of promoters: sulA, SD1, RD2, RD3, RS1, RS2, CD1 and CD2

re-PCR CD1, CD2 and SulA

PKU Switch 07-8-22 cd1 cd2 sula rs1.jpg

plasmid mini-prep of lacI-pcc009

re-ligation of lacI-PMD18-T and transformation

ligation of SS1, RS1, RS2, RD2, lacI with pcc009

PKU Switch 07-8-22 rs1 rs2 cd1 rd2.jpg

colony PCR to test lacI-pcc009

primers are pkan-lam-F and pcc-test-R

PKU Switch 07-8-22 lacI-pcc009 1.jpg

PKU Switch 07-8-22 lacI-pcc009 2.jpg

PKU Switch 07-8-22 lacI-pcc009 3.jpg