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precipitation of plx012

colony PCR to test lacI-pcc009(old)

PKU Switch 07-8-21 double promoters.jpg

PKU Switch 07-8-21 double promoters 1.jpg

PKU Switch 07-8-21 double promoters 2.jpg

no one seems to be right!

re-ligation of pcc009 and lacIq

transformation tonight

re-PCR lacIq

PKU Switch 07-8-21 lacIq .jpg

re-PCR ss1, rs1, rs2, rd2, rd3, cd1

PKU Switch 07-8-21 CD1.jpg PKU Switch 07-8-21 RS1.jpg

from left to right is CD1, SS1, RD2. RD3, RD3, RS1, RS2

lacI double digestion

lacI 10uL buffer H 10uL XhoI 2uL SalI 2uL ddH2O 76uL total 100uL

pcc009 digestion

XhoI and SalI

PKU Switch 07-8-21 pcc009 digestion.jpg

the left one is pcc009-1, 0.25uL enzyme/20uL the right one is pcc009-3, 2uL enzyme/100uL