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colony PCR of T1TE-T1T2-pcc010 and T1T2-pcc010 self-ligation

the results are strange and hard to explain, PCR always tricky???

re-PCR lac, rec, sul, ss1, ss2, ss3, sd1-3

rescue through gel and digest them

PKU Switch 07-8-11 lac, rec etc.jpg

prepare some Amp+ LB plate

colony PCR of yesterday's plate


PKU Switch 07-8-11 sula.jpg


PKU Switch 07-8-11 lac.jpg


PKU Switch 07-8-11 ss2.jpg

re-digestion of GFP-plx007

xbaI and XhoI

in the result, two bands through single enzyme digestion! Two sites for both XhoI and XbaI? seem to be impossible! maybe PCR or other procedure included some other DNA here, we need more thorough check about all these things!!!

re-PCR double promoters

positive transformation

to prepare for enough supplies