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(New page: ==Mini plasmid purification: F-promoter-E0240 and F-traI-pSB1A2== ==double digestion test:F-promoter-E0240 and F-traI-pSB1A2== *result: F-promoter-E0240 succeed * F-traI-pSB1A2 succ...)
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Mini plasmid purification: F-promoter-E0240 and F-traI-pSB1A2

double digestion test:F-promoter-E0240 and F-traI-pSB1A2

  • result: F-promoter-E0240 succeed
  • F-traI-pSB1A2 succeed

double digestion for ligation:F-traI-pSB1A2+EcoR1+Spe1 and B0015-FOriT-E0240+EcoR1+Xba1