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Biobrick Retrieval

This protocol can be used to retrieve biobrick DNA from kit plates. The resulting DNA solution can be used directly for transformation.

  • Find the correct Plate and well by locating the kit edition (year), plate number, and well coordinate (i.e. 2012 Kit Plate 4 Well 1A)
  • Look at your well from below to find the where the DNA is deposited. It is visible as a deposit of red solid at one of the corners (see image).
  • Punch a hole in the foil of your well using a 200 uL pipette tip. Push the foil to the sides.
  • Using another 200 uL pipette tip, carefully add 10 uL of distilled water to the well, on the DNA.
  • Gently scrape and mix the DNA. Pipette up and down.
  • Let the solution incubate in the well at least 5 minutes.
  • Transfer the 10 uL of DNA solution to a 1.5 mL centrifuge tube.
  • Store DNA in -20C.
Red DNA stripe
Dry DNA and red dye is deposited along one corner of the well. Find the DNA's location before you add water.