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<!-- ##### DO NOT edit above this line unless you know what you are doing. ##### -->
<!-- ##### DO NOT edit above this line unless you know what you are doing. ##### -->
==Entry title==
==Colicin Assay==
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[[Image:SGdNEB08C2060912.jpg |300px]]
[[Image:SGdNEB08C2060912.jpg |300px]]

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Colicin Assay

SGdNEB08C2060912.jpg SGNEB08+C2060912.jpg SGdNEB08+C2060912.jpg

SGNEB0823C2060912.jpg SGNEB0823+C2060912.jpg SGdNEB0823+C2060912.jpg

SGZ108C2060912.jpg SGZ108+C2060912.jpg SGdZ108+C2060912.jpg

SGZ10823C2060912.jpg SGZ10823+C2060912.jpg SGdZ10823+C2060912.jpg

SGWTWT023060912.jpg SGWTC2060912.jpg SGWT023C2060912.jpg


We put pSG.008 (pLac+ColE2 immunity) and pSG.014 (ColE2 immunity) inside Biobricks vector (pSB1C3). All of them were cut with XbaI and PstI.


PSB1C3 (-) BB+pSG.008 BB+pSG.014
H2O 6.5 uL - -
Insert 2 uL 2 uL 2 uL
Vector - 6.5 uL 6.5 uL
Ligase buffer 10x 1.0 uL 1.0 uL 1.0 uL
T4 ligase enzyme 0.5 uL 0.5 uL 0.5 uL
Total 10 uL 10 uL 10 uL


We transformed 5 uL of each ligation product with heat shock transformation; +pSG.001 as a positive control


We ran the rest of the ligation product + 3 uL of green buffer; in a gel