IGEM:Paris Bettencourt 2012/Notebook/RE group/Goals

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Our goal

We want to obtain plasmids that have an inducible non leaky promoter, an endonuclease, and the recognition site for the endonuclease on the plasmid.

  • We want to test a few things: that the restriction enzympe is expressed, that the restriction enzyme cuts at its restriction site, and that the promoter is not leaky.
  • Cloning: 1 promoter (pLac, pBAD, pRHA) with 1 restriction enzymes (I-SceI and FseI), 1 restriction site, a GFP for characterisation on the pSB3C5 plasmid. Don't forget RBS in front of GFP and in front of the restriction enzmes. ADD DRAWING