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ETHZ 2007


  • ETH Zurich drop down bar on each page
  • ETHZ banner on each page leads to homepage
  • Vistor count at the bottom of the page
  • Nice meet the team page


  • First page too dense


Brown 2007

  • Border around front page?
  • Public page - www.brownigem.com -
    • They had a video that got onto the OWW and synbio front page last year - do we want to do this ?

Harvard 2007

  • Good layout
  • Links to tools (plasmid mappers, blast2seq etc...) frequently used stuff
  • Detailed protocols of experiments to date good
    • should we include protocols when reporting what was done each day or would we prefer to link it to a separate page of protocols like Peking’s?
  • Repeat of details of the same experiment done on a different day not required.
    • could just list changes (if any) made to protocol.

Imperial 2007

  • breaking news section