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This page relates to the "on-going" management of the both the 'pre' and 'final' wiki. The 'pre' wiki is the OWW wiki. The 'final wiki' is the official iGEM wiki. This development is important as it is the main communication to we have about our project with the judges and the other teams.

OWW wiki (pre-wiki) Features

iGEM wiki (final-wiki) Features

Quick Reviews of other teams sites

ETHZ 2007 - final


  • ETH Zurich drop down bar on each page
  • ETHZ banner on each page leads to homepage
  • Vistor count at the bottom of the page
  • Nice meet the team page


  • First page too dense

Brown 2007 - pre

  • Border around front page?
  • Public page - www.brownigem.com -
    • They had a video that got onto the OWW and synbio front page last year - do we want to do this ?

Harvard 2007 - pre

  • Good layout
  • Links to tools (plasmid mappers, blast2seq etc...) frequently used stuff

Imperial 2007 - pre

  • breaking news section