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The original binary idea of the bioclock was proposed by Di. The ultimate goal of this idea is to construct a biological production line of which the system can keep track on what metabolites are present and what are being produced. The reason for favouring a binary model is that the multiplicity of the binary version is double than a linear one. However, through many attempts of constructing a biologically practical and feasible pathway for the binary version, it was realised that parts within each counting bit had to be unique, therefore posed a great limitation on the feasibility of the version. As thus, we turned our attention on developing a linear model of which the parts are interchangable with the binary model, so when a solution is found, we can resume the development of the binary model.

This wiki details the development procedures of both the binary and linear models. It includes the designed pathways which integrate several team members' ideas; mathematical modellings and laboratory works that were done on developing the physical model of the bioclock.

Past Team clocks,adders, logic computation for comparison with ours