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  1. Decide on constitutive promoter for CPX
    • Transform promoter into DH5a
    • Plate transformants
  2. Check sequencing results for Mer/GFP 3A
  3. Perform flourescence assay on mer-gfp construct
  4. Clean out fridge

Flourescence Assay Protocol

  1. Draw sample of 1.5 ml from incubated cells with Hg
  2. Plot OD's
  3. Spin down 3 mins at 13000 rpm
  4. Aspirate and resuspend in 1.5 ml .9% NaCl
  5. Repeat 3
  6. Repeat 4
  7. Put 150ul in plate reader

Sequencing Results

  • mer.I13500 in pSB1AT3 came back really crappy. Biobrick prefix and suffix are partially present, cannot locate the sequence for GFP.
  • Need to send in the parts for sequencing.
  • Will run a colony PCR as a diagnostic?

Constitutive Promoter

Construct containing CPX and the polystyrene-binding peptide that will hopefully go into final system:


I14032 is a lacI repressable constitutive promoter. R0051 is a lambda cl repressable promoter.

Things That Got Cleaned Out

Ask Semmie.