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(Polystyrene Assay)
(Polystyrene Assay)
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[[Image:Polystyreneassay.jpg|thumb|Diagram of the Polystyrene Assay Protocol]]

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  • dilute LC's of Mer/GFP Transformations and BL21 untransformed cells
    • Miniprep LC's of Mer/GFP
  • Finish Western Blot
  • Order EC20 oligos

EC_20 Oligos

  • Ordered with IE-HCLG purification, should arrive Tuesday

Polystyrene Assay

(Done in Triplicate)
CPX(-5 AHL) CPX(-6 AHL) CPX(-7 AHL) CPX(-8 AHL) BLANK WELL PICCS8(1/500) Neg Control(Uninduced)
Diagram of the Polystyrene Assay Protocol
Diagram of the Polystyrene Assay Protocol

Western Blot Results

A pdf of the blots