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Things to do Today

1. Take the culture from last night out- DONE

2. Take OD600s of the culture- DONE (all 2.00)

3. Spike culture with methyl salicylate- DONE (.1 ppm, 1 ppm, 5 ppm, 10 ppm, 25 ppm, and negative control)

4. Extract samples from the culture- DONE

5. Repeat to 1) for next culture- DONE FOR ALL

6. Set up reservation for GC/MS- DONE (3:00)

7. Do GC/MS for samples- DONE (got approximately 1:1 ratio between conc. in media and conc. in sample, although .1 ppm and 5 ppm did not show any methyl salicylate found)

8. Edit introduction from yesterday- DONE (to some degree)

9. Check sequencing results- some look good (will look with Barry to confirm)- DONE (800D1, 600D1, and 600D2 LINE UP!!! YEH!!! Small point mutations will investigate tomorrow)

10. Make two 25 mL cultures (J45120 + salicylic acid and J45200 + isoamyl alcohol) for Drew- DONE