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To do

1. Run gel of cut (hopeful) J45800.- DONE

2. Gel extract J45800.- DONE

3. Obtain competent top 10 cells.- DONE

4. Ligate J45120 to J45320, J45200 and J45250 to J45400, and J45800 to itself.- DONE

5. Transform ligation mixes.- DONE

6. Make an LC of the osmY+inverter+J45119 structure (which passed the antibiotic test last night)- DONE

7. Miniprep pBANANA LCs.- DONE

8. Make glycerols of pBANANA LCs.- DONE

9. Continue search for Indole-Knockout cells.- STILL LOOKING

10. Try to streak out Indole-Knockout cells from paper with controls on LB plate.- DONE

11. Make a google doc of updates on each part.


  • confirm final system
  • Quantify at device level and system level
  • odorant does-response curve
  • Audience: Nature Biotechnology?
  • Angle: The assembly process [given a problem, estimate (1) cost (2) time (3) probability of success (4) level of expertise. start w/ estimates from biotech experts; keep in mind that this a data point on the road to our eventual goal]
    • I don't understand what this "Angle" statement is saying. AG