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to do

  1. glycerol: all LCs -done
  2. start a smell test: add precursor to the LCs of 0-Q-119 and O-Q-199 -done, however, results don't look good
  3. am miniprep (12): J45397 (1), J45398 (1), J45399 (3), J45299 (3), J45319 (3), pE3 (1) -done
  4. analyze: incoming 20 sample sequencing order -done
    • throw out bad sequences -done
  5. digest: J45299 (3) and J45319 (3) with XP -done
    • run a gel
  6. sequence: (32 wells) -done
    • J45220-C-mut with ATF1 primers -done
    • all other minipreps (except pE3) -done
    • J45398-no mut: 3,4,6,7 -done
  7. PCR: pmsCEAB out of pE3(new) and pE3R -done
    • adjust annealing time, check GC content, ask advisor advice on PCRing large coding regions -done
    • clean up??
    • run a gel
  8. graph the plate reader data (call stephen)
  9. 3-part ligate/transform into A/C backbone:
    • J45299:XP with R0011:ES
    • J45319:XP with R0011:ES
  10. pellet: yeast cells in big centrifuge, resuspend in milk, try baking
    • ask samantha for help
  11. pm miniprep: iGEM yeast
    • follow yeast miniprep protocol, vortex cells first, ask samantha for help
    • we can do XS digest/freeze of yeast miniprep on monday and ligate/transform with ATF1 when samantha is around and when we have tried out the bread machine