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to do

  1. digest J45298 miniprep (from 8/29) with XP (run a gel to make sure it looks correctly mutagenized) -done
  2. glycerol-done/miniprep -done/sequence J45396 -done
  3. glycerol new Q119 -done
  4. sequence osmY (SO and SN) constructs in bright green box b/c smell test data is not on wiki -done
  5. resequence 0-Q-199A in case rerun doesn't work -done
  6. 3-part assemble rbss to pchBA.15-muts and transform into top10 -done
  7. transform O-Q-119 and O-Q-199 (?) into IK to smell test -done
  8. pick multiple colonies from 30.BAT.30.THI3.15 (i.e. J45399) plates and make LCs -done, but repeated the ligation/transformation due to 2XYT contamination
  9. LC whatever we need for an osmY-Q0440-E0840 plate reader test (and sign up for the block) -done
  10. smell the pseudomonas cultures (with added methyl salicylate) to see if their minty-ness degraded overnight -done
  11. set up a new pseudomonas test -done