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==osmY Ligations/Transformations To Do==
==osmY Ligations/Transformations To Do==
#osmY and A/C<sub>EP</sub> and A/T<sub>EP</sub>
#osmY and A/C<sub>EP</sub> and A/T<sub>EP</sub>
==ATF1 Miniprep/Digest==
#Miniprep ATF1.B0015 LC
#Cut ATF1.B0015 with XP
==ATF1 Ligation/Transformation==
#Ligate ATF1.B0015<sub>XP</sub> with B0030<sub>ES</sub> in A/C<sub>EP</sub> and A/T<sub>ESP</sub>

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Miniprep/Digest To Do

  1. test osmY-E0840 with plate reader
  2. Miniprep BSMT.B0015 LC
  3. Cut BSMT.B0015 with XP
  4. Miniprep B0030
  5. Cut B0030 with ES and SP(bkb)
  6. Miniprep R0040
  7. Cut R0040 with ES and SP(bkb)

WG Ligations/Transformations To Do

  1. Gel extract BSMT.B0015XP
  2. Gel extract B0030SP backbone
  3. Ligate BSMT.B0015XP and B0030SP backbone-> transform

  1. Ligate B0030ES with BSMT.B0015XP in A/CEP
  2. Ligate B0030ES with BSMT.B0015XP in A/TEP

osmY Ligations/Transformations To Do

  1. osmY and A/CEP and A/TEP

ATF1 Miniprep/Digest

  1. Miniprep ATF1.B0015 LC
  2. Cut ATF1.B0015 with XP

ATF1 Ligation/Transformation

  1. Ligate ATF1.B0015XP with B0030ES in A/CEP and A/TESP